Message to faculty and staff

President Les Wong sent the following e-mail to faculty and staff on Jan. 22, 2014:


Dear faculty and staff:


I am writing to inform you that the Science Building will be closed for the full spring semester to address the presence of lead, asbestos and mercury.  This is a complex issue in a large building, and significantly more time is needed to analyze and address the problems.


Contingency teams are attempting to relocate classes, offices and laboratories assigned to the building. As new classroom locations are identified, they are being entered into the class schedule at .  Please check the schedule regularly for updates. For information on office and laboratory contingencies, please see your supervisor, chair or dean.


At this point, many questions are still unanswered, but I am committed to sharing information and answers with you as they are available. Toward that end, the results of the first phase of testing are posted at . 


The University is working with health and safety experts to understand the implications of these findings for individuals who used the building in the past and will provide information as soon as all necessary tests have been completed, analyzed and reviewed. For preliminary guidance on how to view the data in context, please read the brief from Alastair Smith, M.D., Director of Student Health Services, at .


While the overarching priority is the safety of students, faculty and staff, relocating classes is the immediate operational priority. Academic Affairs is working with college deans to complete contingency plans and to set up a process for removing priority equipment and materials needed to maintain continuity of operations for the semester.  


Please visit often for updates.  If you have questions that are not answered by the website or through consultation with your supervisor, please email or call 415/405-4000.


Our shared goal is to restore functionality and a safe environment for users of the building. As we move ahead to meet the needs of our students, I ask for your flexibility, cooperation and patience.


Les Wong, President